Yes, I met the love of your childhood... Joe Jonas.

What girl didn't drool all over Joe Jonas back in the day when he was touring with his brothers, Nick and Kevin?! Ok, I'll admit, I did not drool all over him. However, this weekend was a different story.


I had the opportunity to not only watch Joe do his thang on stage with his new band, DNCE, but I also got to go backstage and talk with all of them.

His band is comprised of people who all have fascinating backstories. His guitarist, JinJoo is from Korea. She came to America when she was 17 with nothing, before getting a gig playing for Charli XCX. His drummer, Jack, has actually been with him since he was with the Jonas Brothers. And you may recognize Cole, the bass player, from a band called Semi-Precious Weapons.

They were all fascinating to talk to!

Then, of course, there's Joe. Ladies, let me just tell you that time has definitely been on his side. He was super sweet and smelled good too. I love the sound that these guys are putting out. Very funky and retro, but a wild ride. They put out so much energy on stage that it's hard not to jump around with them.

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