After Hurricane Harvey there were so many displaced dogs, that a special shelter was needed. 

Through the work of Wendy’s Misfits, tons of volunteer hours, the ARC in Redland is down to only four dogs that could really use your help. Open your heart and home to one of these last dogs left that need a family.

The volunteers at the animal rescue center will have to be out of the building this weekend, as they can no long afford to keep it going. These four dogs are the last displaced animals that were rescued by Wendy’s Misfits during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Wendy’s Misfits
Wendy’s Misfits

People don’t need to commit to fully adopting them, but they do need foster homes since the ARC will be closing this weekend.
These dogs are some of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, and if you have room, you’d really be a hero to the misfits. They will be put in boarding on Monday which is expensive, but not as expensive as renting the entire facility like they have been.

For more details on how you can foster these animals, and other like them in the area, just check out Wendy’s Misfits on Facebook.

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