KiddNation TV is here and the cast unloads about how they feel on camera!

The cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show have been seeing a lot of themselves lately and they're feeling a little bit weird and that it could be a bit unflattering. KiddNation TV debuted last week in two markets (Dallas and Houston) as a test run to see how well it is perceived in the market. If the show does well, then it will be distributed to other TV stations to be picked up, so in the meantime we get to watch the show a day late by streaming it on KiddNation.

This morning the cast talked about how they felt about being on camera so much and how critical they are of themselves. J-Si also explains why he has a picture of himself by his microphone and its not why we think! All this leads to diet talk and more!

Be sure to stream KiddNation TV for the 'Watch & Win Keyword' for a chance to win a trip to Florida!

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