Okay, so beer has an obvious use.  You open the can and drink it.  But what about the can's themselves?  Coke can's pile up in our house.  I have seen people make airplanes using nothing but aluminum cans.  I always recycle and I have a can crusher here at the house.   It is satisfying to crush them on recycling day.

But what else can you use beer can's for?  You can make the classic beer can pyramid. Some people are picky about beer,  I know many who's favorite is free, cold and open. Seem like beer can's are most useful around the station when they are still full and unopened.

Our conference room was under construction today so we had to go into my General Managers office.  Seating options were limited.  There are two chairs and her chair.  So improvisation was key.  She found me a stool, and I found Danny Merrell this chair.  So when you are on the next party bus, you will know that these can's have been graced by a radio legend.

101 Uses For Beer - Option 1 - Seating