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  • Gives "pop a top" a new meaning
  • Hard work pays off in suds
  • Better than painting the house
  • Part of "The Orange Show"

One of the few remaining original houses in a gentrified neighborhood in Houston, Texas now filled with mini-mansions really stands out. In what might have been an attempt to never paint a house again, one man's love of beer has become a monument.

No one really knows why John Milkosvish kept every can and bottle of beer he ever drank. We only know that he must have. Every nook and cranny on the outside of his house is covered in cans, bottles, and pull tabs.

In the1960s beer cans were a little different than today; they came in two parts. Pull tabs came off when you opened soda or beer cans years ago, and they could blow out your flip flop according to Jimmy Buffett.

I would like to believe that Milkosvish kept many a foot clear from the sharp edges of those tops by incorporating them into the design of his Beer Can House near Memorial Park.

This House Is Now A Houston Beer Lovers Landmark 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the house was restored to its original condition at a cost of $202,000 back in 2008. It reminds me of the house from Up, since you'll find it all alone standing between three-story houses.

It's the last bastion of what the neighborhood used to be, encased in something that most people threw away. You can even take a tour if you want to see it for yourself.

Find out more at The Orange Show Center For Visionary Art's website. See it in all its glory in the gallery below.


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