I believe the old adage about dogs being man's best friend is absolute truth. It was for me and my best good friend Cletus D. Wonderbeagle. We love our pets like children, and I believe there is NOTHING wrong with that.

I lost Cletus 2 years ago on December 17. His body gave out before his spirit and he made the trip to the Rainbow Bridge. Yes, there is still a big hole in me, but it gets easier. I have got some pretty good dog friends that have always offered a great deal of support, (and play). We love our dogs like people, and I think everyone should.

I have heard people make comments before about the way some people love their dogs. I think it is perfectly normal to love your pets as much as any other family member. I don't have anything scientific to make it sound okay to everyone, and some people just won't understand that bond some folks make with some dogs. However, in my little bit of experience, I am pretty sure that since the beginning no other species on this planet has tied itself to humans like the dog. Cat people may disagree with that, but come on cat people. You know.