There are lots of reasons to like East Texas. I could probably go on for days with lists and lists of things that make Deep East Texas great. As I realized that, I began to take note of those things, and decided to start keeping a tally.

So today, we're going to start off with this: One of the things that makes Deep East Texas great is...


Heck yes. The fact that I don't have to pay to drive on the roads here in our neck of the woods is fantastic. I know that there's a toll road in Tyler, but that's the closest one. We don't have to make sure that we've got a TX Tag, or have to watch in the mail for the toll bill to come through.

We can drive all over Deep East Texas for free. Seriously, that's a big deal. I had family in Houston, and they basically had to pay a fee just to leave their house. That's not something that we have to worry about here.

And, yes, I know that it's not super expensive to drive on toll roads. However, it can be pretty inconvenient to pay the tolls. And, if you don't take care of it, it can snowball pretty quick.

So, there you have it. That's today's choice for what makes Deep East Texas great. No toll roads. Check back in next week for another list item.

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