Nacogdoches has a few intersections within the city limits that I would consider "unnerving". Not because the intersection itself is really bad, but lots of times the drivers don't know how to handle them.

But there's one intersection - in my opinion - that I would consider the freakiest in Nacogdoches. This is one that makes me nervous anytime I go near it. It's located on the south side of town, just off of South Street. That intersection is...

Where South Fredonia Street, East Seale Street and Hackberry Street all intersect. I'm talking about this one:

Google Maps

That intersection where those three roads meet is my absolute, LEAST favorite intersection in the whole town. Just to give you another view of what it's like, this is the map-view of it:

Google Maps

Again, not a fan of this intersection...maybe you disagree with me about this being the freakiest one in Nac. Maybe you have an idea of another one that you consider more unnerving than this one. Feel free to drop those in the comment section below.

But, also consider some of these "honorable mentions" for the freakiest intersection in Nac:

Other Freaky Nacogdoches Intersections

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