Bad rapping, spandex, bathrobes, this video has it all. I don't know if this is a Throwback Thursday or a test of patience. I will say that I made it trough this entire video. It started playing a second time and I couldn't stop it fast enough.  When I was a kid T.V. didn't have as many options as we do today.  So after the cartoons, we would sometimes watch wrestling.  It was huge back in the day, much bigger than it is now.  Fancy costumes, crazy interviews, we had it all.  I don't remember the girls of GLOW, which stands for - gorgeous women of wrestling.  I guess we will have to agree to disagree if they are gorgeous or not.  Did you know the Housewives and The Heavy Metal sisters are the same people?  I had to go back and look again and check that out.  So head on over to You Tube and dislike this video.  It was the first one I considered doing that to in a long time.