Downtown Lufkin has the letters L, U, F, K, & N. You can pop in between the K and N and complete the name of the town.

I tried to go do it alone and failed miserably. Learn from my mistakes.

  • TeoLazarev

    Make a Heart

    Our "You'll Love Lufkin" motto is pretty well known, but the people that run the Main Street social media want us to tag our pictures with #ILoveLufkin.

    What better way to show that, than to make a heart with your hands. Do it above your head and you become a lowercase "i".

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    This sounds messed up, but when I went down there and got someone to take my picture, I felt the end result was pretty lame. I'm on the heavy side and made more of an "O" than an "I", but it's cool. I'm cool.

    Oh, and those are joggers. They aren't skinny jeans. Either way I need to get some normal pants.

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    Here's me trying to get the "F" outta here. Pretty stupid, but if you can think of some clean and fun ways to pose with the letters, you'll probably get some good reactions.

    Don't do this one. I already did it.

  • Digital Vision
    Digital Vision

    Bring Friends

    I had to wait around to get someone to take my picture because I went alone. By the time I looked at my phone and realized I needed to retake it, the guy was gone.

    That's why the joke image above is taken from the ground. I set my phone on a nearby pipe. Pathetic you say? I do not disagree.

    Here's a stock photo of people with friends because ... my friends are all at work.

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    Yesterday I went to look at the letters at 11:45 AM and the sun was a bit too far East still. They turned out fine, but if I had waited a couple more hours, the sun would have been right over it I think.

    When I went earlier in the morning, all the lighting looked decent too.

    I'd say optimal times are around 9 AM, 1 PM, and in the evening before it gets too dark.

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