If you’re

1) sitting in front of your computer
2) have plenty of time to waste and
3) enjoy watching videos

then the link below is perfect for you!

Or, you can watch each video separately. Here’s a list of the videos in descending order:  Enjoy!

20. 50 Cent’s “Down” with Keenan Cahill (Video)

19. Wasted Guy Trips Over Flip-Flops At Coachella (Video)

18. Barack Obama + Waka Flocka Flame = Baracka Flacka Flames (Video)

17. Lin Yu-Chun Is Taiwan’s Susan Boyle (Video)

16. Adidas Goes to “Star Wars” Cantina (Video)

15. OK Go’s Incredible Rube Goldberg Machine (Video)

14. Bubbles and LaToya Jackson Reunite (Video)

13. Drake and Jimmy Kimmel Write a Twitter Rap (Video)

12. Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute Turns Teary (Video)

11. Cee Lo Strikes Gold with “F**k You” (Video) *Warning: Explicit Content

10. Bruce Springsteen Whips His Hair (Video)

9. Insane Clown Posse Loves “Miracles” (Video)

8. The Dougie Takeover (Video)

7. Katy Perry Corrupts “Sesame Street” (Video)

6. Kanye West’s Epic “Runaway” (Video)

5. Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK” Mocked (Video)

4. Erykah Badu’s Naked Truth (Video)

3. Justin Bieber Makes 3-Year-Old Cry (Video)

2. Greyson Chance Channels Lady Gaga (Video)

And the #1 viral video in 2010: “Bed Intruder Song” Becomes a Hit (Video)