I have just recently watched Top Gun again. My new favorite line from the movie is. "I want somebody's butt. I want it now. I've had it." "I want some butts!" Air Boss Johnson was not happy with Maverick that day. Someone flying past the tower at over 400 knots could get you pretty hot under the collar.

Relive the spectacle that was the quintessential Tom Cruise movie, from his hay day back in May of 1986. Thirty five years ago this was the movie to see. Now it's going back up on the big screen in Lufkin at The Pines on June 19th, 2021.

This is one of those movies that every man woman and child through the end of time will have to watch at least once. It really shows how to make an action movie with a heart. The movie has an actual storyline. That was still important to movie making at the time.

Now when I watch an action movie, I am not worried about crying. No spoilers here, but if you don't catch a small feel while watching this movie for the first time, you might need to look into your feel stash.

The Pines is of course where all of Lufkin went to watch movies back before multiplexes. Now completely redone with state of the art everything, it's a joy to go watch movies there. Every time I have been, it's been an good time.

Comfortable seats, and a somewhat intimate setting...for a movie theater. It's a one of a kind experience here in Deep East Texas.

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