Between promoting his new Astroworld album and performing at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards this past Monday (Aug. 20), Travis Scott has been a very busy dude. However, he's still made some time to post a couple of adorable photos of himself with Stormi, his baby daughter Kylie Jenner gave birth to in February.

In the pics, which Scott uploaded to his Instagram page earlier today, we can see the Houston rapper caressing Stormi as he reclines in a chair. "Big mood ! Teach my stormi to love I’ll forever protect that smile," he writes in the caption for the post.

This post is just another example of the public affection Scott and Kylie have showed their baby since she was born half a year ago. In at least a few IG posts, we've seen Kylie spending some quality time with the baby, who is reportedly already the owner of a very expensive shoe collection. It looks like they're enjoying the whole parenting thing, and it looks like Stormi, who can always be found smiling in pictures, has no complaints.

In other news, Scott and Kylie are now just a few days removed from being the subject of a breakup rumor. The rumor began after one Twitter used claimed their father had overheard the Kardashians saying Travis had moved all of this things out of their residence. In a funnier bit, the rumor-starter also claimed Kylie once offered their father some tequila. Kylie quickly chimed in.

"Obviously fake," she wrote in response. "Shit was never moved I never gave anyone tequila." Crazy stuff.

Check out these adorable new pictures of Scott and Stormi below.

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