Jeremiah Davis of Kaufman, Texas took to TikTok after a video of him wrecking his lifted older model white Chevrolet pickup truck on a washed-out road went viral. Instead of warning him of a washed-out road, the person who uploaded the video, in his opinion, let it happen.

Over 4 million people watched and many commented on the original video.

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After many days of heavy storms near Kaufman, Texas roads in more rural parts of the county had standing water. Davis claims in the video that he was on Kaufman County Road 109.

What he thought was about a foot and a half of standing water on the road, was a complete washout above a large culvert. When arriving near the water, he noticed a Jeep parked on the side of the road.

Rural Washout Leads To Wreck That Might Have Been Prevented

He thought they had just pulled over to let him go by since it was a narrow county road. He later found they had pulled over after checking the water with a stick before crossing, and decided it was too deep.

The couple that posted the original video stated they tried to warn him. According to Davis, standing back 50 feet and filming, didn't seem to amount to the type of "warning" that would have helped in this situation.

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He went on to claim that his 3-month-old son was injured in the accident and was taken to an area hospital. He also called the original poster out, telling her she should return to California.

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Watch the video above and see if you think he is in the right.

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