As former members of the now-disbanded Odd Future collective, Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean go way back. With that in mind, few people are as qualified to give takes on the singer's bodies of work, and during a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio's Zane Lowe, that's exactly what Tyler did. Check out their discussion below.

During the course of the interview, Tyler touches on everything from his working relationship with Ocean to his favorite album from the singer. For what it's worth, he says he likes Blonde more than Ocean's debut album, Channel Orange.

"Blonde is so sick. I always tell [Frank] I like that shit way better than Channel Orange—and don’t like comparing!" Tyler explains. "But, the looseness of structure and the chords and shit on Blonde speaks to me more than Channel Orange. But I think Channel Orange has a little bit more pop structures, which gets to people a little more."

Elsewhere in the interview, Tyler, who's fresh off releasing his Flower Boy album, touches on the recording of "911/Mr. Lonely," which is their most recent collaboration. He says it came about spontaneously.

“We’ve never ever in our life planned a collaboration,” he says. “I’m always in the studio just making shit and he’s like ‘Where you at?’” Regarding Frank’s verse on “911 / Mr. Lonely,” Tyler says, “[Frank] was like, ‘Let me try something.’ He just started saying ‘chirp chirp chirp chirp’ about 400 fucking times.”

Check out their convo below.

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