1990s nostalgia might have just swooped in for a huge win. Recently, Tyler, The Creator revealed he would be creating a brand new theme song for Bill Nye's forthcoming Netflix series Bill Nye Saves The World. The account for the show recently tweeted out a video of the two discussing the new song, which is a different take on the old one.

"It would come on on Saturday. Saturday morning. Before the cartoons," the "Biking" rapper says when asked about his memories of Nye's classic 1990s TV series Bill Nye the Science Guy. "My favorite part was the location. It was always like this random... you never really knew where the wall ended."

At the beginning and end of the new video, we get to hear snippets of the new theme, and it sounds fairly similar to the original in terms of pace and the repetitive "Bill, Bill, Bill" in the chorus. Nye acknowledged the similarity and thanked Tyler for the "tip of the hat" to his old show, and the Cherry Bomb artist broke down the elements he appreciated about the original.

"The first one is really sick," Tyler said of the show's original theme song. "I love the fast pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song."

You can check out more of their conversation in the Twitter video below, and the full theme song in the official trailer below that. Netflix is all set to premiere Bill Nye Saves The World on April 21

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