Over the past few hours I have become much more educated about the private school options available in the Lufkin area. To see the first story click the box with the link below.

The Lufkin Christian Academy private school coming this fall is faith-based, but it isn't affiliated with any certain denomination. Though the board members are all Pentecostal church members or clergy it will be a completely separate and unaffiliated non-profit 501c3 organization.

It's Been A Lengthy Process To Get This Private School In Lufkin, Texas 

This school is so new that they haven't actually built the school, but construction is about to begin. It will be inside the Lufkin city limits on HWY 58, or basically Chestnut Street.

The mailing address on their website is 5101 South Chestnut Street in Lufkin, Texas. That lines up with the proposed location and puts it behind Crown Colony.

If the building isn't ready in time for school during the fall semester they have a temporary location secured for classes until the building is complete.

Is $4600 A Good Price For A Private School Education In Lufkin, Texas? 

I have never paid for private school, so I had no idea what the prices were like. I have been told that St. Cyprian's is about $7,000 a year, so the price of $4,600 at Lufkin Christian is comparable.

I posed the question on my Facebook page and friends of mine from the Austin, Dallas, and Houston areas are paying way more than $4600 a year for daycare much less private school. Some reported as much as $17,000 a year. 

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It's all relative to your area when it comes to daycare and private schools. Though we may make less on average in the Lufkin, area prices are lower for most things.

What Are The Private School Options In Lufkin, Texas 

Also in the previous story, I left out a few other private schools in our area. Lufkin Lead Academy at 3201 Atkinson Drive is another faith-based Christian school. They will be expanding to a new campus in the fall. They also offer K-12th grade.

There was/is Crimson Christian Academy, but that one was a little harder to find current information about. There are lots of options in our area for private schools.

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