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It's just days away from Valentine's Day, and you might be struggling to find that perfect gift. When you have a heart as big as Texas it's hard to wrap all that up in a neat bow.

Some people in Texas buy Valentine's gifts for everyone they know like it's Christmas. Others opt to show their love for one specific person in their life.

If it's someone you aren't currently in a relationship with, it's a careful balancing act between showing you care and sending up a volley of red flags. It's tricky, but the right gift is thoughtful and useful.

Everyone In Texas Loves Whataburger, Buc-ees, And HEB

Everyone in Texas doesn't have a horse ranch. That might come as a shock to someone that has never been to the Lone Star State.

We aren't just buying new cowboy hats, ropes, and boots for every occasion. (Wait that is actually a great idea.) We are also into Texas-centric brands that make modern Texas a great place to live.

If the love in your life is a big fan of Whataburger, Buc-ees, or HEB then you have found a keeper. Those brands have tons of useful merchandise that you can buy. Your gift recipient will think you are so thoughtful, and that you know them inside and out.

It's the thought that counts, unless you have a Texan on your list. Here are some sure-fire gifts that will help you worm your way into their big Texas-sized hearts. Just know that you will still have to get them a card.

Amazing Valentine's Gifts For The Texan In Your Life

Here are some great Valentine's Day gift ideas for the Texan in your life.

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