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Walmart locations all across the nation have had a pretty good run of being known as a coupon-friendly establishment. According to Coupons In The News they haven't changed their coupon policy in six years.

Days ago they quietly updated their policy for coupons, and one of the biggest changes is that they will no longer pay you back overages. They used to return the entire value of your coupons, no matter what the price of the item was.

This will make large coupon hauls seen on shows like Extreme Couponing, started on TLS in 2011, a thing of the past. Coupons really came onto the scene hard in 1992 after a recession, and since then the sky has been the limit on how much you can save.

New Policy At Walmart Disappointing Couponers in Texas

Here are some of the lowlights of the new coupon policy at Walmart.

  • No cash back for overages.
  • Limit of 4 identical coupons, per household per day
  • No more overrides
  • Does not accept UPC-A coupons
  • Paper coupons only
  • Returns will get you the full value of the product back

These policy changes are nothing new at places like Target. They also changed their coupon policy in 2023.

At Target you do not get your full value of the item back if you return it after buying with a coupon. There is still a loophole in the policy at Walmart for you to get the full value of the coupon back.

Couponing at Walmart in Texas will never be the same.

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