FERGIE is the first female headline performer to hit the Super Bowl halftime stage since 2004 and she wants to make one thing very clear: she's not planning a wardrobe malfunction.

Thanks to the infamous JANET JACKSON incident six years ago, the NFL has shied away from pop acts as halftime entertainment for just that reason.  However, Fergie says this Sunday at Cowboys Stadium, she and THE BLACK EYED PEAS will prove that there's no reason to worry.  Speaking to reporters on Friday, she said, "It is a challenge 'cause you wanna give a little sex appeal, but you don't wanna get in any trouble.  So we're very particular on the wardrobe.  There will be no more malfunctions." (ABC)

I saw the malfunction when it happened and I can't believe it took 6 years for the NFL to get over it.   It is the one tarnish on Justin Timberlake's perfect star.  Get it star...well you would have to have seen the malfunction. DP

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