Our camera man lost his mind on a recent trip to find records at the antique shops in Lufkin. I just bought a new record player, and thought it would be a good bit. Nope.

Records are coming back in a big way. People really like having vintage music players in their homes, and thought it would be a nice service to the community to show folks where they could find records in Lufkin.

Our digital media guy, James, tagged along to document my trip, but something must have snapped when he entered the store because he ran off doing his own thing. I guess I should have known there would be toys and distractions everywhere.

And his own thing consists of ... well, you be the judge.

So should we have our digital guy committed to a psychiatric ward, or does this work as a decent advertisement for the antique stores in Lufkin?

Let us know if you'd like to see more irreverent stuff like this, or if we should get back out there and make some videos you can actually use.

We were able to find records at Heritage Antiques in downtown, and as well as Jack's Tapes and Records on Timberland.

All those cool vintage toys were at Picker's Delight on N 1st street.

What do you think of the alternate title, "Weird Jim Finds Weird Gems at Lufkin Antique Stores"?




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