MTV's Fear Factor reboot is officially in full effect. Today the network's Twitter account for the revamped TV series premiered a trailer, and let's just say it looks every bit as fear-inducing as the previous iteration of the show. The terror will be conducted by none other than The Fate of the Furious star, Ludacris, who's been named the host of the show.

In the new trailer we see a young woman submerged in a pit of worms before another youngin sticks her hand into a glass container of snakes just a few seconds later. After that, we get a glimpse of Luda asking a couple of people to kiss a snake. Thanks, but no thanks.

Back when the Fear Factor reboot was first announced in April, it was announced that the new episodes would play on the anxiety-plagued youth of today and that episodes would include things like "couch surfing at heights of 300 feet off the ground and waterlogging cell phones." Once again, we're good.

Each episode will last an hour, and there will be 12 episodes in the first season. The contestants for the show will be comprised siblings, college rivals and close friends, who will, of course, all be competing for a big cash prize. The new Fear Factor is all set to premiere on MTV on May 30 at 10 p.m. EST.

Watch the trailer for the revamped edition of an old classic below.

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