If I were to go back into the world of waiting tables and bartending I imagine I would probably be on the "older side" this time. I loved being in my early 20's and leaving work at 10:30 p.m. to hit up the bar with my co-workers who all seemed to be about the same age.

My body can't keep up with the fun lifestyle I used to live, so the thought of living that life again makes me wince. I probably could do the actual job again, but the lifestyle that comes along with it? That's a no for me.

Are you the young one at work where everyone thinks your just a "kid"? Perhaps you hear your younger co-workers talking about taking a selfie and you roll your eyes, could you be too old for your job? It turns out there is a website that will tell you if you are too young or too old for the job that you have.

Leave it to Zippia, they created the calculator that takes the information of all the most popular jobs in the world and the average ages of the employees. After you put in your age and job the website tells you how much older or younger you are than the average person in your position.

The website also has a vast amount of stats for different jobs. Zippia also figured out the careers with the oldest and youngest workers, on average of course.

The Top 5 young-person jobs are dancers, choreographers, bartenders, law clerks, and veterinary assistants. The Top 5 old-person jobs are toolmakers, postal service clerks, CEOs, politicians, and bus drivers.

I went ahead and put my info and I am happy to report that I am the young and annoying one in my office. "You aren't over the hill yet! Only 14% of workers in your field are younger than you. You have 13 whole years before your coworkers start complimenting you on your 'wisdom' and 'experience'." The average age for a radio DJ is 42, I am 13 years away from being part of the "pack".

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