Working outdoors in 100+ degree heat and 80% humidity in Texas is hard. Many professions brave that heat every day in the Lone Star State.

Walking from the car to the office doesn't give you a taste of what it is like working outside during these long, hot summers. If you stand outside for more than 20 minutes, you will have sweat running down your back.

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If your goal is to lose a few pounds to get back in those jeans, you likely have the wrong job. You might want to apply to the US Post Office this summer and reach all your goals.

Getting Super Sweaty For Cash

Working outside during high temperatures, you will drink at least a gallon of water daily. You will want to spread that out into 8oz every 15 - 20 minutes to fight heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Don't wait until you feel thirsty. A good rule to follow is to drink so much water that you feel like you need to pee.

When working outside in the heat, it could take a lot more water than you think to get your body to this point. If you don't work outside in Texas regularly, and you are coming here for a job, closely monitor your health.

Take Lots Of Breaks In The Shade

If you have been exerting yourself for hours in the hot sun without a break, things could go bad quickly. According to all workers need three things:

  • Water
  • Rest
  • Shade

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Not taking a break when it is hot out isn't a sign of a great worker. Taking breaks using these three things in extreme temperatures will make you even more productive.

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