Huge disclaimer: I’m not from Houston but I’ve been multiple times because over half my friends are from there and they’ve shown me what a lovely city it can be when you find yourself in the right places. Here are my top places you must visit if you find yourself in Houston.


  • 1

    NASA Space Station Houston

    You can’t go wrong coming here. Fun fact during President Kennedy’s term Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson strongly suggested the space station be located in Houston. Anyway, there is just so much knowledge the kids can learn and an overall great family experience.

  • 2

    Fine Arts Museum – Houston

    I’m an art major which means I spend way too much time and money at museums. Fun fact if you’re a Bank of America card holder admission is free for you and admission is always free on Thursdays which means you have no excuse not to go.

    “The Light Inside” is by far one of my favorite pieces it’s a tunnel with beautiful hues of light. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you see it. It’s one of my favorite places to take pictures.

  • 3

    The Hobby Center

    Get the Texas version taste of Broadway in Houston! The Hobby Center is a performing art theater with very elegant and pretty amazing European style theaters. If I’m being honest it reminds me of being in Soho, London where I happened to watch “Les Mis”.

    This performing arts center has a variety of shows going as far into the future as Aug 2020. I’m sure one of those will be perfect for the family.

  • 4

    Discovery Green

    Tired of being indoors?

    Discovery Green seems like the perfect place to go. There is literally so much going on at this location from water fountains for the kids to splash around in to picnic areas to trails and even restaurants it basically has it all.

    It’s the perfect place to find yourself on a warm summer day while enjoying a snow cone. Am I right?

  • 5

    Galveston Beach & Pleasure Pier

    Last but certainly not least is Galveston, Tx.

    Only a short 45 minute to hour drive you can find yourself in the coastal city of Galveston. Enjoy authentic seafood options. Leisure time on the beach or spend some time on Pleasure Pier, which happens to be my person favorite.

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