We have been racking our brains here at the station about getting some more prizes for you to win here on the website. What would get you clicking here at kfox95.com?

I have had lots of ideas, like 5 years of YouTube Red, or XBox live. Anything to do with electronics are always my go to. If you have an idea of something you really think everyone would like to have, I am ready for any input.

Want to win just straight up cash money? Is that your number one answer, because with that you could get anything you want. Try the 1K Power Play brought to you by Al Meyer Ford. We give away $1,000 dollars twice every weekday the rest of the week.

How about stuff to start your own garden for the spring? I got to come up with some ideas that don't involve sitting on the couch playing games or watching the tubes. I would love some interaction on this, so if we use your idea, I'll hook you up with some free car washes from Red Carpet Detail!

Lawn service for the entire summer, that would be a good one, or even someone to come plant some. So if you see this post below on facebook or the site, lets see what you want to win.

Let us know what you want to win!

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