Let me start this out by saying that I am an amazon prime member. I like Prime Video, Prime Wardrobe, and have tried them all at one point or another. Getting anything and everything I want in 2 days is fine with me. Going shopping and not finding the thing I need, is not fine with me.

Our local JC Penny, is one of only three places that I find clothes that I like in town. I am usually out of town when I buy clothes, and in town apparel purchases are emergency situations, or a sale. . Belk, Academy, and Burlington have also come through in the clutch. I remember clothes shopping and going to each of those stores, and not finding exactly what I was looking for.

Prime Wardrobe is completely different. They will send you a bunch of clothes to try on, and you send back what you don't want. It's a laborious process, especially if you don't live near a UPS store. Having a physical location, with the most purchased items from Prime Wardrobe would be great. That is what buying JC Penny locations in America would do for Amazon.

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Will this really happen? It very well could. The Plano, Texas based JC Penny lost 23% of it's value yesterday in the stock market. This was inline with them declaring bankruptcy and announcing more store closures late last week. According to Yahoo! News, Amazon is already in talks with JC Penny.

I have been to an Amazon physical store in the Domain in Austin. It is amazing to see all of the products that I have bought from them like Echo's and more on shelves for sale. This would help Amazon reach more people, ones that don't like buying before they see things.

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