Lufkin and Nacogdoches both have snow in the forecast for Sunday. There is a slight chance before 8am, then rain likely. There is only a high of 45 that day, so as soon as night falls, anything that hits the ground as snow, will still be there on Monday morning. The chance for all this, as of today Thursday January 7th, 20212 is 60%. The further North you go the better the chances.

Sunday nights chance of rain and snow in our area is a huge deal. With a low near or at freezing possible in our area, this could mean some school districts, mostly north of Lufkin, might even be looking at ice covered with snow Monday morning. 

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These are all just hypothetical at this point, as our area is always just on the verge of snow and ice. You might want to find your heaviest coat, boots and gloves. Just to have them handy. If nothing else it is going to be very cold starting on Sunday.

I'm walking around just like the last time it snowed in short sleeves. A high of 50 is a little cold today, but just walking from the car to the station, I am usually fine. You might actually need a jacket if you are planning on being outside any length of time more than that. It does snow here very rarely, its always interesting. Once we even had a snowball fight. Check it out below!



Who wins? You decide.

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