Today is the first day of the Back To Work Giveaway. We got together with Savvy The Agency to put together the one thing you really might need to get things back on the right track this year. Money!

If you are a hair stylist and you have to get back at it, I can think of a ton of things that you could use this for. You might have to sharpen your scissors since everyone missed a haircut or two. Perhaps an extra vat of wax for all those overgrown eyebrows.

We know that getting back to work is harder than ever. Now everyone needs masks, hand sanitizer, extra soap, you name it. Some places have gone so far as to install all new sink and toilet fixtures to make them touchless.

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Things that we used to think of as a convenience are now essential to keeping things running in a safe and clean way. We know that if you are going back to work in 2020, this $800 is going to come in handy.

There are 18 Days, and 8 ways to enter to win our "Back To Work Giveaway" powered by Savvy the Agency. Lufkin's ONLY full service advertising and marketing specialist.

By clicking the link below to our VIP and liking, following, sharing and subscribing you could be the winner of something we all need more of right now, money.

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