Lufkin makes the National News more than any other town this size. There are over 300 or so small towns all over the country the size of the city of Lufkin. Somewhere around 30,000 people or so, but there is something different about our town. I really think we get more than our fair share of coverage. Do you know why?

Sometimes I conjecture that the rest of the country just loves to share in our success and in our misery. You can be guaranteed, if something untoward happens in our little hamlet, it will be on HLN by the next day. Just in the past 3 months we have been all over the spectrum of national news.

  • Lufkin Little League
    Lufkin Little League

    2017 Little League World Series

    I really like to start things off on a positive note. Coach Bud and the Thundering 13 went all the way to the USA Championship. Only the team in Japan was able to best us. This story was more than national, we were on a world stage. These young men were great ambassadors for what this town is about, and not the rest of these stories.

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    Woman Steals Patrol Unit

    Ulta Beauty was targeted by an area woman looking to lift her beauty game. Once arrested for suspicion of shoplifting, she channeled her inner Houdini. Very clear and well put together footage from the city of Lufkin Police Department was released and showed the entire incident. The chase ended without anyone being injured, but this could have gone much worse. Perhaps it was the fact that no one got hurt,  that made it a compelling story.  This just happened this week, and I have seen it on news media across the country and the world. I saw links to the video on the BBC.

  • Y100 via Facebook
    Y100 via Facebook

    Lufkin Hero DJ's Missing During Hurricane Harvey

    This was by far the saddest story on our list. I can only imagine what the family of this young man is going through. I think it goes to show the metal of the men and women from our small town. The story was in the LA Times, and papers all over the country. I have worked remotes at the same time as Alonso "DJ Ocho" Guillen, and he was a class act. All of the men and women everywhere that are crazy enough to be on the radio everyday have a brotherhood, even if we compete with each other. He will be truly missed.

  • Photo Courtesy of the FBI
    Photo Courtesy of the FBI

    FBI Release More Info On Israel Keys

    You might remember back in 2012 Texas DPS arrested serial killer Israel Keyes. He was apprehended at the Lufkin Cotton Patch. Most all of his crimes were committed elsewhere like Vermont and Alaska. But of course he had to be found here in Lufkin. We didn't even have anything really to do with this story, then right at the end, boom. We get dragged into the fray, and are now a footnote on this horrible man's Wikipedia page. This week the FBI released new details on case, dragging our town of Lufkin, back into the national spotlight.

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    Lufkin Dubbed Most White Trash City InTexas

    If you are looking for lists of most Redneck towns, that criteria, we don't meet. Now if you are looking and digging down on certain data, we do make the top of the list in Texas, for most White Trash. This dumb survey, using somewhat strange math and ever stranger data was posted on a website that is infamous for making these type lists for every state. Giving Lufkin a little of a black eye once again. I just bought a bug deflector for my truck. I mean would white trash do that?

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