It's been so hot today, I am just really not looking forward to getting in my car this afternoon. I have put up the front window shades, even lowered a window. It's an all black vehicle, inside and out, and it just gets hot. I have been noticing online, that some of the vehicles have started tinting the front windows of cars.

Tinting the complete front windows of cars is actually an old time honored car commercial trick. That way you see less of the person inside, and think more about you actually driving the car yourself. Lets just be honest, tinted windows just look cool. They can also keep your car cooler in the summer.

KITT Pontiac Trans Am

You can even tint your front windshield in Texas, but you can only do it above the AS-1 line. I've been tinting that part of our windows for years, but I really don't like the look anymore. You can tint your front window with a clear film, which sounds silly, I mean people can still see in. But now window tint guys have a clear ceramic film, that won't obscure you from view, but it will make it a lot cooler in your car.

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