And the cutest couple award goes to...

Zayn opens up about the people—and non-humans!—who mean the most to him in a new video shared by Versace on Twitter on Monday (March 13).

In the clip, the English singer is interviewed off-screen by his girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid, who asks him, "When you're alone, who do you want next to you?"

"You," Zayn responds, prompting Hadid to gently whisper, "Thanks, baby."

"And our dogs," she adds.

"And our dogs, yeah," he agrees, adding, "And sometimes my mom."

"Yeah, I miss your mom, too. And my mom," the model adds.

"And family members. Love you all!" he concludes sweetly.

The brief video is part of a promotional campaign for Zayn's spring/summer 2017 Versus Versace campaign, which was photographed by Hadid.

Watch below:

See Photos of Gigi and Zayn:

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