The jackpot in the Prize machine has been building since October 30th of 2010!   This Saturday I was at Perry Ellis Kia in Lufkin and it was up to $5800!  I was noticing that the machine was getting HOT!  Started putting up Jackpots 2 at a time pretty regularly.

And then it happened, it paid off!

The winner was Derek Clark of Huntington.  On his pull he matched all  three ‘super jackpot’ logos on the machine and won it all.

Congratulations to Clark who wins $5800.  It never took this long to pay out, and usually after it does it stays hot!   So join us at these locations to try to win our new jackpot!  It goes up 200 dollars every time we take it out.

4/7/12 Fish & Still 11 to 1 at Lowes In Lufkin $200.00
4/13/12 Car Mart Nacogdoches from 3pm to 5pm Next Friday $400.00