A massive meteor put on a big show Tuesday night. There were so many Texas sightings the object was likely the size of a small vehicle.

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Even a meteor the size of a football can briefly put off enough light to make you think there is a full moon out. This one was a lot more than that, and with so many sightings it must have been a big one.

According to the Houston Chronicle the American Meteor Society received 146 reports about the fireball. It was seen in Texas and Oklahoma at about 6:45 pm on Tuesday, January 11, 2023.

Massive Bright Light Tuesday Night In Texas

Texans from Houston to Fort Worth saw the phenomenon, so I am certain that someone here in East Texas spotted the light show. The bulk of the reports about the meteor came from Central Texas.

Many of the sightings were caught on dashcam, while others just happened to be outside filming when it happened. Now that everyone has a camera on their car and phone, these sightings are being documented more and more often.

That might lead one day to more information about them. Who knows, we might even be able to predict them so we can all go outside at the same time and see them for ourselves.

You Are Not Alone If You Saw A Fireball In The Texas Sky

If you saw the same thing, now you can set your mind at ease. This was a fireball for sure, and the magnitude of Tuesday night's fireball was well above the threshold set by NASA for that designation.

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