Today just inside the city limits of Lufkin, there have been 19 accidents. These were all weather related, with no major injuries reported. If you are planning on getting out into the weather today, or think you have to, please slow down on area roads. Before you leave, you can check road conditions CLICK HERE for

If you clicked on the link you would find very in depth information on all of our area roads. It lets you zoom in pretty close, so you can see what is going on in your area. One of the things that some drivers come up against is speed. The speed that you drive, in winter weather to be safe, is going to be much slower than the posted speed limit.

The signs don't change when things ice up on area roads. The speed limit is posted for when conditions are normal. So going 75 on an ice slicked highway, even though the speed limit is 75, is not a good idea.

The Lufkin Police Department facebook page is really good about getting out information to the public. They also have some pretty on point hashtags. That is the one thing people are really enjoying about the posts. #realtalk #seriouslypeople #youcantdrivethespeedlimit
#hugawreckerdriver #icecantmeltwhenitsbelowfreezing #science

You can follow the Lufkin Police Department on facebook @lufkinpolicedepartment





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