Wet weather led to slick road conditions as spring showers continue around East Texas. Watch the video of the aftermath of a vehicle narrowly missing a white Corvette, and hitting 3 brand new Chevrolet Trucks.

Seeing a car wreck is one thing, but seeing a wreck where 4 vehicles are involved, but only one driver is rare. We got some footage of the accident, and everyone involved in the crash is in stable condition. But there was only one human involved. I have a new Chevy Truck from JM, and I can tell you this is about $120,000 in trucks. Luckily they missed the corvette.  I would really like to go buy that white corvette, I think it's lucky. James said that it might have used up all of it's luck.

I hav actually had this happen to me, but there was more than one vehicle involved. I got pushed into a row of cars right across the street from that same location. Guess they are really there just to protect you from hitting the building.

This rain caused multiple accidents across our area today.

Accidents happen, and we're sure the folks at JM Chevrolet will get this all sorted out within no time.

Stay safe out there, especially in the adverse weather conditions.

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