Driving around in Lufkin is always interesting because of these intersections. Roads come together in many strange ways.

Someone once commented to me that the City of Lufkin must have forgotten to pay a surveyor in its past. The streets in our town come from all kinds of different angles.

I am glad that Santa flies around in a sleigh and doesn't use roads. Like many visitors to Lufkin, he would quickly get turned around.

What Is In A Name

There is one continuous road in Lufkin that has three different names. College Drive turns into Raguet Street, and then becomes Angelina Avenue. Many streets have two names like how Southwood Drive turns into Bynum.

What do all of these roads have in common? They were not a part of any plans for the city. 80 years ago these roads were on the outskirts of town.

Where Morales restaurant stands in Lufkin on South First Street was the last gas station leaving town. Now it seems like it's in the middle of town.


Lufkin was a boomtown in its early history. First it was lumber and then steel. Each one of these booms set about more building.

Places that were located outside of town were suddenly inside the city limits. Single-lane, dirt roads became highways. Since houses were already built, they just stuck to what they were already named and how they ran.

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The sporadic growth gave rise to some of the most interesting intersections you will see anywhere. Let's see if one of these intersections is near you.

The 5 Most Confusing Intersections In Lufkin

Most of these large intersections in Lufkin don't even have stoplights. They will test your courage and all of your driving knowledge.

Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit Gets Lights

Workers have erected Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit in downtown Lufkin. Now they are putting on the lights.

Skyline Burrito Bowl Gets 2nd Location

Tavo Velazquez and his crew have started building a new restaurant out of an old car wash.

Downtown Lufkin Storm Damage

An unconfirmed tornado briefly ran though downtown Lufkin on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021. It knocked out power to Lufkin City Hall and many businesses in the area were affected.

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