It's 2017 and we've now seen raccoons with bombs, talking trees, live action G.I. Joe movies, enough Transformers films to shake a stick at, and the list goes on.

Hollywood isn't even finished sapping the well that is the '80s, and now they're already pulling from the nostalgia atom bomb that is the '90s era?

When everyone ignored the Max Steel movie, I thought we'd be okay for another decade at least, but it's looking like this "Power Rangers" movie has actually got some legs and I want to go over a few kid shows from the '90s I really wouldn't mind seeing getting the big budget treatment.

1: Recess: Get the director of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," throw some "Stranger Things" kids in the movie, and you've got yourself Box Office gold!

2: Eerie Indiana: If they made it scarier than the recent"Goosebumps" movie, I could see this having some promise. Eerie Indiana had high concept story lines toying with parallel dimensions and fear inducing ideas that haunt me to this day. Who wouldn't want to introduce something like that to a new generation of kids?

3: Johnny Bravo: This could work very well as a live action movie. Following some Channing Tatum-like actor and his struggles of being a misogynist in a very unwelcoming world of women. Who would you cast as Johnny Bravo?

4: The Magic School Bus: Yes, I know they are rebooting the Magic School Bus for Netflix with Kate McKinnon attached as the new voice of Mrs. Frizzle, but enough with the animated business. We have the technology. Let's fly into Arnold's nose in 3D with cutting edge graphics already!

5: The Pirates of Dark Water: Jack Sparrow can only get into so many shenanigans. Eventually people are going to want to see some new pirates on the big screen, and there is a strong cult following of this short lived series.

What kid shows from the '80s and '90s would you like to see rebooted for today's audience. It's gotten to the point where we might as well stop complaining and accept that this is our reality now. We'll all be a whole lot happier if we wait to see these movies before judging them so harshly.

What are your thoughts?

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