We are giving away a Grande Trip to see Ariana Grande in DC. This trip has exploded from just going to a concert in Washington DC, to a full on once in a lifetime experience to meet Ariana.

I have never even met the "thank u, next" singer, but if I ever did I would have some quick questions for her. I wonder if I could get in 5 questions, and what would they be if I could speak with her today.

1. Could I hear "7 Rings" Early? - Her new track drops Friday, January 18. I got to have that new music!

2. Have you ever eaten at Whataburger? -  I need to make sure she has at least compared it to what she thinks is good.

3. Do you ever age? - I saw an interview with her in 2013 and she looks exactly the same. Follow up question - are you a vampire?

4. Do you still have a crush on Jim Carrey? - She is apparently attracted to "funny" guys, and was engaged to a comedian. I think this would get around the Pete question, and be a silly way to get into her relationship business.

5. Have you ever been Mud Hoggin? -  In some places it's called Mud Boggin' but for some reason it's Mud Hoggin here, wonder if that is a hunting reference.

If you win, you can ask her any of these, feel free to steal them. CLICK here to enter to win. Please download the KFOX 95 app, you can use it to listen to the station on Apple Car Play. Usually more music on the stream!





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