Lufkin has been in the national news for lots of reasons. Most of them are about our local industries and companies, but no one ever really sees those stories.

Let one person assault another with a catfish, and the entire world is watching. Criminals, Disaster, and Football Stars, these have all brought the national spotlight to our little town.

The rest of the nation might not know much about us, but here are 5 things they may easily remember.


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    Dialysis Center Killer

    In March of 2012 Kimberly Clark Saenz was convicted of 5 murders dialysis patients and causing harm to five other patients. I remember when the trial was going on, and it was all over national news. Saenz injected patients with bleach.

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    Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

    I remember where I was at the moment I heard the explosion above my house. This was a sad time in Lufkin, and all of East Texas, but what I remember most is how we all came together and helped each other and NASA during this difficult time.

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    The Catfish Slap

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    Sports Figures

    We've got a lot of sports celeb alums from various East Texas schools.

    Dez Bryant, Brandon Belt, Jorvoskie Lane, Jermichael Finley, and Rex Hadnot are just a few.




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    Hurricane Rita

    The impact of Rita is one we will not soon forget. Rita destroyed homes, property, and lives. We had gas shortages, power outages, and housed displaced survivors from Louisiana. Houston often gets flooded by bad storms which also makes national news, but we'd prefer to be known by something other than getting flooded.