We're offering some ideas that may help your shot at winning big. We started up Cash Code once again, and the contest will run until June 15th.

We've already suggested you listen to us daily, keep your phone close, and where to enter the daily codes.

With us giving out codes three times a day, we thought we'd offer some strategies that just might give you the edge on the competition.

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    Gather Your Team

    Coworkers, friends, family ...

    While it may be super easy to collect all the code words for some, others may tend to struggle a bit.

    If you've got a team of friends listening in when you aren't able to, then they can fill you in on the words you missed

    The main CON to this strategy is that you'll most likely have to share your winnings with your partners.

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    Download Our App

    Take us everywhere

    Some people hear us in their cars, some listen on their work computers, and some people are still rockin' the boombox.

    The problem there is that you'll have to leave your car eventually, go to a boring office meeting, or have those giant D batteries die out.

    With our free mobile app, you can, in theory, discreetly listen in all day long.

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    Bookmark Us

    At least the contest page

    Make the process of entering code words as simple as possible. If you bookmark the page where you enter the codes, then you can knock it out with ease.

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    Okay, once you've heard on good "go-around" of us giving out daily codes, you can be pretty confident that the other codes will come around those same times in the following weekdays.

    Set some reminders on your phone, or simply tie a string on your finger if that works too.

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    iStock, ThinkStock

    Act Fast

    Don't think you can write all the daily code words down and enter them all at once near the end of the contest.

    That not only will hurt your chances at the smaller prizes leading to the grand prize, but you'll even lose your opportunity to enter certain words if you wait too long.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto


    We try to keep the words simple, and you may even catch our DJs spell the words out for you, but it won't hurt to keep a dictionary ready just in case you don't hear us correctly.

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