Golden Tickets are being hidden near prominent landmarks inside the Lufkin city limits. Who is the modern-day Willy Wonka behind the giveaway?

It's the Angelina Arts Alliance's way of giving away free pairs of tickets to the Broadway smash Roald Dahl's "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" coming to the Temple Theater on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

To buy tickets and more information about the show just CLICK HERE and check out my previous story about the Broadway show based on the beloved movie about a kid and a golden ticket. If you are interested in how to win some tickets, then this is for you.

There Are Golden Tickets Hidden Around Lufkin In Gobstopper Boxes 

There are a total of six Gobstopper boxes that will be hidden around Lufkin. They will be releasing a new clue and a new golden ticket every day.

The first clue and the Gobstopper box with the golden ticket that goes with it have yet to be found. MONDAY - Clue #1: The original groovy chic still has a lasting presence here.

I have a few ideas about what that could be, and it wouldn't take much to stop in and find that ticket. So far only one has been found using the second clue.

One Of The Golden Tickets Has Already Been Found In Lufkin 

Today the second clue went out and someone quickly found that golden ticket. TUESDAY - Clue #2: This little angel was known for her way finding skills. FOUND

To keep up with all the clues and get two free tickets to this super sweet musical follow the Angelina Arts Alliance on Facebook.

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