We're a strange breed here in Lufkin Tx. We're proud at times, and at other times ... not so much.

If you're from out of town for a visit, or just passing through, you may want to study this list of things you should NEVER say to a Lufkinite;

  • 1

    We need a new restaurant

    This one is iffy, because every time we get a new restaurant, we complain, but then it's our favorite spot until something new comes along.

  • 2

    Shopping local is too difficult

    Our downtown is one of the most charming downtown areas I've ever seen. The folks behind the magic are constantly find ways to bring people to the shops.

    Many of us chase our dreams without leaving our backyards, and it's our privilege to be spending our money with our neighbors rather than having no options and having to use the big corporations.

  • 3

    Nobody famous has ever come from Lufkin

    Bring me the list!

  • 4

    There aren't any places to get tacos or donuts

    You fool.

    There is one place that specialize in both tacos and donuts.

  • 5

    Just throw the trash out of the car

    Purple pride + Texas pride = Double trouble for anyone that litters around here.

  • 6

    Lufkin is awesome or Lufkin is terrible

    We're a town full of contrarians, ready to debate whether or not you hate or love us ... we'll tell you why you're wrong.

  • 7

    Isn't Lufkin full of rednecks?

    Yeah, we got some good ole boys. The rodeo is a big deal 'round here, and we take pride in our Forestry background.

    We also have a good turnout out geeks whenever people bring comic convention-style events to town.

    We have amazing artists in both painting and poetry, and much more.

    It's just like any town, except yeah ... you may see a couple on horseback from time to time.

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