We're a mixed community, divided by those who are proud to reside in the Piney woods, and those who bash it and can't wait to leave Lufkin in the rear view mirror.

What would you say to someone to get them to move to Lufkin? I love living behind the pine curtain, most people here keep it real. All jokes aside, we've got a few things worth bragging about. Here's a list of just a few reasons I think Lufkin is a great place to live.




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    The Food!

    Tex Mex and East Texas BBQ

    Going to a good Mexican or Tex Mex restaurant can brighten any occasion. Each restaurant we have brings its own unique style that you can just be in the mood for.

    If you are in the mood for something more traditional to home, the smell of BBQ can lure you into some stranger's backyard. Good food is easily found here.

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    No Snow To Shovel

    All winter long I see my friends buried in the white stuff. If you love snow, don't worry, you can always visit up north, but we have never had to live like that. Jeans and a T-shirt is all you will ever really need. All of our winter coats last 10 years, and look brand new.

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    Pine Trees

    Beautiful all year 'round

    I have two giant pine trees in my backyard. The needles are everywhere, but man they are beautiful. I can't wait to get a few lower limbs trimmed, but I also just like them they way they are. Tall and straight, you just know you are in a back home when you see them all over.

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    Lake Fishing

    I never really caught the fishing bug. But any guy from East Texas knows how to fish. It's a rite of passage. I have 2 poles in my garage right now, ready at a moments notice. My son HAS caught the fishing bug, and it's nice to live somewhere you can fish anytime if you want.

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    Getty Images/Purestock

    Retirement Community

    Refined Americans are moving here and discovering that the life is just a little slower. I think they imagine this as some kind of Garden of Eden, after living all of their adult lives in big cities like Houston and Dallas. But we are still close enough that the grand kids can visit.

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    Excellent Health Care

    Memorial Hospital

    Lufkin E.R., CHI Memorial, Woodland Heights, The Burke Center, The VA Hospital are located here, and are one of our biggest employers. Plus on top of all the hospitals new places like Lufkin ER are popping up to fill in the gaps.

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    Small Town Feel

    Big Town Options

    We did an article recently asking what businesses you would like to see come to Lufkin, and one of the funnier answers was something like, "Please, anything but another restaurant!"

    It can be a curse and a gift to have so many options for food, when all you want it to eat so you can move on with the rest of the day

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Weekend Getaway

    Lufkin is a great place to hang your towel, but every now and then you may crave a bigger city feel, or a different sort of night life. Luckily we are just about the same distance from Houston, Austin, and Dallas Texas, which could all be a weekend getaway for you, your friends, or your loved ones.

    To each their own, but living full time in a really big city seems exhausting.

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