*sigh* What a year 2020 was and now we've hit May of 2021. I'm still trying to process how quickly the first four months of this year flew by. Can you relate?

I feel like so many of us are still just rather disoriented as we seek to readjust to what (hopefully) is a feeling of normalcy. I can't tell you how many friends and family members with whom I've chatted have shared similar feelings. You?

I wish I could tell you that I've powered through every obstacle the past 15 months have brought with with unflappable fortitude. But, I'd be lying. I confess. I'm exhausted. You?

When it comes to fitness and nutrition for example, I've been derailed and delayed so many times.

Thankfully, every day gives us the chance to start again. And again--if needed. And I have been especially grateful for that reality this year. So many of us have needed that. Whether that means a fresh start in improving fitness, gaining lost ground in relationships, taking new career paths--whatever it that may be for each of us.

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From the time we're little people and onward, we are taught that life is all about building a foundation to which we can add throughout our lives. This applies both physically and metaphorically.

We grow up and learn skills in school and in life upon which, hopefully, we will expand. From basics such as reading and writing and math, we begin to add layers of knowledge and know-how that will help us throughout our lives.

When we begin a career, we begin to build up our resumes and skill sets that we can take with us into new positions and new futures.

Even our homes. We start out with very little. Well, most of us do. Then, as time goes on we build up our homes and our families.

We build upon our ideas of what life should be like and who we should be in that life. Philosophies, even political views, are knit into our internal fabric at a very young age and for most, any deviations or adaptations are minimal if delved into at all.

All of these things are well and good. However. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is begin again.

This runs counter-intuitive to the narrative to which we are taught to ascribe. In fact, for many the idea of starting anything over feels akin to a type of failure--something with which we're definitely not comfortable. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Sure, whenever possible it's good to be able to build on things we've established. At the same time, we shouldn't fear shaking the proverbial etch-a-sketch and starting over when we've come to a place where the path dead ends.

I've experienced this in my own life. I'm not one to give up. I have a tendency to want everything that happens next to be some kind of logical next step connected to my backstory. As reasonable as it seems, sometimes life just doesn't work that way.

In some ways, our next moves may seem quantum. We were there and now we are here. Where'd that come from? It's a strange feeling. However, whether it comes to jobs, relationships, or new places to live, don't be afraid to take a step in faith--even if it isn't right after the one you were just on.

There's something liberating and refreshing about starting over. Even if that means we have to start again and again. Don't give up.

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