All three Long John Silvers restaurants in Tyler closed for good. They took all the signs down and just sailed out into the horizon. Source: Mix 93.1 Lucky Larry 

They were there a very long time, much like the location in Lufkin. The one near the Broadway Square Mall was at their location for over 25 years.

There were two other locations, one on S.Broadway and one on Gentry that were both actually inside a Taco Bell. That made me think that something could change here.

Is Our Long John Silvers In Lufkin Going To Merge With The New Taco Bell? 

There is a new Taco Bell going up on the other side of Popeye's in Lufkin. This location will replace the one further down Timberland Drive.

The Long John Silvers in Lufkin is a little dated, so it got me to thinking that they could merge just like the ones in Tyler. Then I also noticed that the company that owns our Taco Bell in Lufkin is based out of Tyler, so the ones that closed could be owned by the same company. 

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This is some far-fetched speculation, but stranger things have happened. I know that they had been planning on moving Taco Bell for many years before we ever found out.

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