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  • What's bugging you?
  • Why do bugs come into our homes?
  • Where are they all coming from?

Texas is full of disgusting bugs that want to be in your home with you. Some can sting and bite, while others are just a nuisance. That doesn't make us want to kill them any less.

Recently I have been hosting one giant wood roach in my home at a time. They come in from outside and just start walking around.

Luckily they haven't been flying around like in the past. They won't hurt you, but coming in at over an inch long, they have to go.

Why Are All These Bugs Coming Into My House


They usually come into the house seeking water. You'll find them near the kitchen or the bathroom.

On the advice of my exterminator, when I see a bug I kill it right then and there. I don't even feel bad about it.

I am sure I could scoop up the bugs, cradle them in my hands, and gently place them back outside where they go. That's just too gross, and something has to be done.

Scary Bugs Outside In Texas 

Seeing some roaches, silverfish, and tiny ants in your house from outside is fairly common even if you have your home exterminated regularly. There are so many bugs, you just can't get them all.

They love the climate in Texas, so they are working hard outside as well as inside. Here is a full list of the insects we try to get rid of and hopefully avoid during the summer in Texas.

20 Creepy Crawly Creatures For Texans To Watch Out For This Summer

These are the typical insects and pests that we try to get rid of each summer in East Texas.

Beautiful Plants That Also Keep The Bugs Away

Did you know there are plenty of plants that offer protection from mosquitoes, spiders, house flys and more? Yes, check out these natural bug repellants that are affordable and available now.








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