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  • Armor Upfitters near Houston, Texas has gone viral with their discreet bulletproof wall art.
  • Imagine pulling a photo of your family off a wall and using it as a bulletproof barrier to defend yourself in case of attack.
  • They also have bulletproof shields that you can use as a backrest as you drive.

If you live in Texas you know that we love our guns. With so many people exercising their rights to bear arms in the Lone Star State, we could use a little bit of protection.

Armor Upfitters makes lightweight bulletproof panels that stop large rounds cold. The ballistic panels are used in all kinds of applications, like making armored vehicles that can take a hit, without adding weight.

That would seem like enough for one small company, but then they started producing shields and even household doors with the same materials. They use a process similar to making carbon fiber or fiberglass, but with graphene nanotechnology layered into their proprietary panels.

This Small Business In Houston, Texas Goes Viral With Bulletproof Art

This video uploaded to TikTok on November 26, 2023 already has over 1.6 million views.

This veteran-owned Bellville, Texas business hand makes all kinds of bulletproof shields into wall art. It could be the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast who has everything but protection.

Their ballistic panels can be made into any size and used for almost any application. The wall art seems to be one thing that really got people interested in the company.

You could bulletproof your entire truck, home, or church. The sky is the limit for this Texas-based company that makes all kinds of bulletproof vehicles, furniture, and home goods.


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