There is a new league sport that is sweeping the nation. Axe Throwing. Yeah, didn't see that one coming. Just like bowling or baseball, these amateur leagues are sprouting up all over the country. The website for this new place is super brief, and the facebook page is space, but there is an address if you want to go check the progress. The Rusty Axe is the name, and I think in East Texas this is just a natural fit.

Going to a place with your friends to throw some axes and let off a little steam sounds like a good time. It's just a little more dangerous than darts, so I think it adds that cool factor. This is much better than just larping in the park, or playing some disc golf with the friends. This is more akin to batting practice and its indoors in the AC.

Axe 'em Jacks is taking on an entire new meaning with this one of a kind place. It's going to be at 325 E. Main St. In Nacogdoches, and right now that place is listed as Creative Photography. At least we know where to go downtown when it eventually opens. Sounds like a good time.

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