We put the fidget spinners to the ultimate test, and battle them against Beyblades Beywarriors. We're adults!

We had no idea when we came into work today that we would be starting the most epic battle known to man. I just thought it was going to be like every other Wednesday, but this got serious. In terms of sheer mass, you would think that the Beyblades would win every time. But in a surprise turn of events the fidget spinners would be reanimated by the Beyblades and would win.

But every battle was a little bit different. Watch the video to see who you thought came out on top.

This would be great to keep the kids entertained while out of school this summer for an afternoon. But what if you don't have a fidget spinner? We can help with that. You can win the spinners that we used to make this video. Just take a few minutes to download the K-Fox 955 APP.

Then show me your app on your phone, during one of 3 K-Fox 955 Streetcasts we have this Friday and Saturday.  Friday we will be at HEB in Lufkin from 11a-1p, then Sat in Nacogdoches at Rex Perry from 11-2pm, then at Fidgets for Focus from 4-6pm.

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